Is BMW Capable of “Charging Ahead” of Tesla in China?

Data from over 11,000 new vehicle shopping intenders show the BMW iX3 EV has strong potential to challenge the Tesla Model Y in China as awareness increases and production capacity expands

Key iX3 Advantages:

Powerful brand
Generous high-tech feature content
Aggressive pricing

BMW’s Powerful Brand

Among China EV Intenders 
BMW has the Highest Brand Preference

BMW’s Advantage over Tesla

Full-market simulations utilizing shopping intender preferences for over 120 vehicle attributes & features show:

BMW iX3 obtains significantly more “Pure Demand Market Share” than the Tesla Model Y
If the iX3 and Model Y swapped brands leaving all else the same, the BMW brand by itself is nearly enough to overcome all other attribute & feature differences

Feature Content Advantage

Every BMW iX3 comes standard with a full suite of active safety & semi-autonomous features that competitors charge extra for

Aggressive Pricing

BMW cut the price of the iX3 in January 2021

iX3 is now priced 70k RMB below its pre-sale price, on par with the least expensive gas BMW X3 that lacks the iX3’s tech feature content

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