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Former Executive Director, Global Advanced Vehicle Development, General Motors
Professor and Co-Director, Multidisciplinary Design Program

Harvey Bell

"The system provides an unprecedented and timely view of consumer preferences as well as accurate market performance simulations for projected new products. It has guided many development decisions, moving directly from consumer research to product design."

Chairman & CEO, Percent Corporation

Max Su

"Market Insight provides an innovative and powerful technology platform, that leverages sophisticated consumer market modeling and the reach of the internet. MyAutoAdvisor’s ability to develop large samples of shopper preferences in real-time translates well to the rapidly developing China market. The conclusions and insights drawn from the model have significant relevance and unique perspective for consumer sentiment in China"

Global Research Technical Director

US Auto Company

Top 5

"Market Insight’s continuous, real-time data has particular value in navigating a sea-change of attitudes toward personal transportation. Their patented process allows for analytics and “on-demand” simulation modeling to support timely decision making. It’s easy to “imagine” market demand and portfolio planning opportunities across major geographic markets. Balancing the adoption of emerging technology with sustaining & transitional vehicle design is essential in today’s environment."

Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management
Former Director, Corporate Strategy, General Motors

Nick Pudar

"Dynamic environments challenge leadership to optimize the impact of good decision-making. Current and continuous data is essential to evaluating the market landscape in a dynamic environment. Market Insight’s data is not only ‘current & continuous’, it’s also genuinely sourced from qualified ‘in-market’ shopping intenders. Those characteristics, combined with a sophisticated process and modeling platform, make this company’s solutions both relevant and impactful."

Program Director, Automotive Engineering, University of Michigan

Art Hyde

"It is critical that future generations of global automotive engineers understand the market forces that increasingly shape their work. Market Insight’s consumer preference data reflects the myriad, and sometimes competing considerations that affect market dynamics. We use this continuous data in our graduate-level coursework… and students from around the world gain valuable, data-guided understanding of market sensitivity to their design choices."

Deputy Director, Institute for Internet Behavior, Tsinghua University

Dr. Yang Bin

"Consumers in China have embraced MyAutoAdvisor as a shopping advisory tool, sensitive to local country internet behavior and industry sectors. Great care has been taken to ensure cultural integrity, so MPA’s continuous sample of real-time intenders can confidently be considered as representative of the consumer marketplace. Chinese consumers, across all demographics, trust the internet more than ever, as reflected in the growth of its usage for recommendations and commerce. Market Insight Corporation is part of that forward momentum; understanding and influencing consumer preferences."

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