At Market Insight, we generate Recommendation and Decision Engines through our
consumer-facing portal, MyProductAdvisor (MPA), and patented technology platform, the Market Insight System (MIS).

Decision Engine utilized by Companies that design and market “high consideration” consumer products across primary global markets. They rely on our intelligence solutions and analysis throughout most stages of product lifecycle (concept & design through marketing & acceptance). No wading through oceans of data or waiting for business insights. MIS is advanced analytics, on-demand.

Recommendation Engine utilized by Companies that sell those products and by consumers looking to buy. Companies build loyalty by offering the MPA experience on their consumer-facing websites. Null Search problem? MPA knows which autos and attributes are preferred, suggesting close alternatives that expand the universe of choice.

MPA enjoys unprecedented success in its ability to attract and maintain the participating mindshare of genuine, shopping consumers. Our natural evolution continues to embrace multi-national reach, real-time engagement, and interactive mobility.

American Marketing

AMA Award Winner:
Best and Most Innovative Technology in Market Research more


CarMax utilizes the MPA recommendation engine as a primary tool for preparing “upper funnel” shoppers more

Tsinghua University

Consumers in China have embraced MPA as a shopping advisory tool, sensitive to local country internet behavior more

General Motors

Market Insight gets a big thumbs up from GM's Executive Director of Global Advanced Vehicle Development more


Opel utilizes MPA's auto intender preferences in Germany to reflect dynamics in the marketplace more

Detroit Trading

Auto intenders on MPA become prepared shoppers to make the right buying decision, leading to higher quality leads more

Peking University

MPA provides an innovative technology platform that leverages sophisticated consumer market modeling... more

ABC 15

“ is kind of like having your own online virtual advisor” more